Rancho Caracol
  Rancho Caracol - Bobwhite Quail

Bobwhite Quail

November through February

When it comes to quail hunting, Rancho Caracol offers the classic hunting experience that has been rapidly disappearing in the US. Our rich population of Southern bobwhites is all wild... no pen-raised or released quail here!

Quail hunts take place in nearby immense, irrigated valleys, and on the area’s vast neighboring cattle ranches. In the valleys, we hunt canal banks, hedgerows and irrigated patchwork farms, which offer prime cover for the elusive bobs. On the cattle ranches, we hunt primarily on improved pasture.

Our modern, Texas-style quail rigs carry 2-4 hunters each, and come fully equipped with dog cages and top-mounted seats. Seasoned guides are included on every hunt to handle the dogs, along with two experienced assistants to look after every detail. Hunting takes place both from the rig and by walking the terrain, depending on the location of the birds and the weather conditions. You can expect to raise 10-25 coveys per day, so be ready for lots of fast action and excitement!

"An unforgettable father-son experience..."
Eric Badofsky, United Sportsmen's Marketing
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