Rancho Caracol

Accommodations at Rancho Caracol

The beautiful stone patios, intricate tile designs and traditional thatched roofs of our hacienda will give you the warm ambience of a village in Old Mexico without sacrificing the modern-day luxuries you'd expect from a world-class lodge. The gorgeous pool with swim-up bar, patios and rooftop cantina offer welcome areas of retreat after a long day's hunt. Our hot tub will work wonders on the sore shoulders and legs that come with a successful day in the field.

Even non-hunting companions find Rancho Caracol to be a sumptuous resort for recreation and quiet relaxation. Added amenities include satellite TV; video clays and billiards in our game room; professionally staffed massage complex; gun gallery; telephone/fax/internet service and fully-stocked hunting accessory and gift shop. Spacious, air-conditioned guest rooms feature high quality linens, private bathrooms, full-sized beds, fresh drinking water; twice daily maid service all enhanced with Rancho Caracol’s distinctive “ultimate ambiente” catering to your every need.

"Far and away the best whitewing shoot I've ever had!"
Fred Pauling, MD, Houston, Texas
Toll free: 888-246-3164 : Outside U.S.: 956-542-3482 : Fax: 956-542-5765
Rancho Caracol : 2424 Village Drive : Brownsville, TX 78521