Rancho Caracol

The Rancho Caracol Guarantee

We Guarantee You A Great Time!

We're so confident in the services we provide at Rancho Caracol that we'll offer you this guarantee:

"Your overall experience at our lodge will be a positive and pleasurable one or your next stay and hunt with us is FREE."

That's quite a statement isn't it? And it's not one we make lightly or insincerely. We truly believe we will offer you a great time at our hacienda on our private ranch. Who else do you know or have heard of that will make you the same offer, especially in this business? Now, there are some things we just cannot control even on our Ranch, like Mother Nature or your shooting ability. But, we are dedicated to providing you with an excellent accommodations, fine cuisine, service that meets or exceeds your expectations, knowledge of the hunting area and a truly memorable hunting experiece.

Try us, we guarantee you a great time!

"Mi Casa Es Su Casa!"

Dean Putegnat
Rancho Caracol

"I have hunted the world over, including Russia, Scotland, Argentina and more. Rancho Caracol offered the best hunt I've been on..."
James Hulbert, Longview, Washington
Toll free: 888-246-3164 : Outside U.S.: 956-542-3482 : Fax: 956-542-5765
Rancho Caracol : 2424 Village Drive : Brownsville, TX 78521