Rancho Caracol

About Whitewing Unlimited

Our Founders and Location

Whitewing Unlimited was founded in March of 2008 by Barry and Dean Putegnat, the owners of Rancho Caracol, the premier wingshooting resort located in Tamaulipas, Mexico. The Putegnat family has long been passionate about the quiet beauty of the Mexican countryside, the sport of wingshooting, and the outstanding game bird that makes it all possible. Rancho Caracol is uniquely situated with access to 500,000 acres of prime Whitewing and Mourning Dove habitat and is just 5 miles northwest of a 7,500 acre Whitewing nesting preserve owned and protected by the Mexican government.

In founding Whitewing Unlimited there were two main objectives. First, they wanted to help the public understand and appreciate the pivotal role that hunting plays in wildlife conservation. Second and most importantly, they wanted to ensure that future generations of game hunters would continue to enjoy the rich annual harvest of doves that currently exceeds that of all other species of game birds in North America.

The American headquarters for Whitewing Unlimited is
2424 Village Drive
Brownsville, TX 78521
(800) 246-3164

Our Goals

Whitewing Unlimited is dedicated to preserving Whitewing Dove nesting areas, increasing the available food sources during their nesting period, and managing these native habitats for the benefit of all related wildlife, residents and hunters. We believe that the Whitewing Dove, which is the basis for an industry that generates over 200 million dollars annually, merits careful resource management now and in the future.

Whitewing Unlimited pledges to work ethically, respectfully and cooperatively with all parties interested in the preservation of this wonderful natural asset, the Whitewing Dove.

"An unforgettable father-son experience..."
Eric Badofsky, United Sportsmen's Marketing
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Rancho Caracol : 2424 Village Drive : Brownsville, TX 78521